Girls Golf Shoes | Skechers Kids’ Finesse

Girls Golf Shoes - Skechers Kids' Finesse Spiked Golf Shoe

Do you play golf with your daughter and you would like to surprise her? What about these Skechers Girls Golf Shoes for your little Girl?

You can get these Skechers Finesse Spiked in two colors on Amazon, where they receieved 4.8 out of 5 stars. Unfortunately, it is just rating from 9 people, but still, it is great sign. Let’s check out why people rated these shoes 5 stars!

First reason might be the price. They cost less than $70 which is great price for golf shoes. What about the fit? Comfort? Material?

Kids do not complain about pain or unpleasent pressure of the shoes. They are soft but expected fit is just 66%, some people find them somewhat large, which is fine, because kids grow fast!

Shoes are waterproof and spiked, so your little sweatheart won’t slip even in rainy weather and she will have her feet dry!

I did not find anything wrong with the shoes yet, but I expect something will show up soon. I would say I recommend to buy them but I do not have enough information about them. However, price is really not that high and I think these are worth the try!

If you would rather something “verified”, you can look at the review of these Skechers Women’s Max. I hope you found Girls Golf Shoes you were looking for.

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